Book for understanding the contradictions that are being faced by the Industrial Property in its foundations. As stated by Fábio Villares, introducing the work. He said the system of industrial property acquired great importance in recent decades, and great discussions also arise in divergence and contradictions. The conclusion is that the current discussion on IP is to “go beyond technical aspects to the extent that appear to influence the rate and accumulation process, the very creation and dissemination of culture in its broadest sense! (p. 10). The research presented in about a year, the team of IISS (Institute for International Economic Studies), and was transformed into a workshop and book, and involved the discussion of the ramifications of IP with the accumulation of capital and the cultural diffusion. Draws attention to the fact that currently there seems to be “perplexed distress widespread in society, due to the triviality in the granting of patents and copyrights, and particularly the tightening of restrictions proposed by the SPI (system property) in fields up so little accustomed to these types of control, and a copy of sections of publications, and play music and videos, the use of excerpts of works and studies in your own work, and so on “(p. 11)
Details of this debate can be seen in the lectures of Alexander Farmer, Carlos Correa, Daniela Battle Trettel, Gilberto Dupas, Imre Simon, Konstantinos Karachalios, José Manuel Quijano, Marilena Lazzarini, Maristela Basso, Said Miguel Vieira, Roberto Jaguaribe, among others. The main discussion, however poses the question of the protection system being discredited and accused of hindering innovation in various fields and to obstruct the creation and diffusion of knowledge, and so far, would serve to justify the existence of the protection … It is a critical look at the Intellectual Property that are worth seeing, if you want to keep their pillars, seeking the necessary balance to the fundamentals remain effectively making any sense! The book, released in 2007, is supported by the Ford Foundation, and is edited by Paz e Terra.