KRETSCHMANN ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS was born out of the advocacy of Ângela Kretschmann in the early 1990s. In almost 30 years of work in Court and administrative services, the legal work grew up and took the form of a law society, specialized in dealing with intellectual property.
The legal actions taked into account is the specificity of protected legal objects, being the excellence and commitment for the scope of Justice the brand of the professionals that work in the team. The Society is jregularly registered ate the OAB.
The seriousness with which the actions are developed and monitored take into account the specificities of the protected legal objects, and the special attention to the client. The first concern is always to avoid conflict and to create a balanced solution for the interests in dispute, in view of the ethical commitment in law.

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Adress: Rua Mostadeiro, 780 / 204
Bairro Moinhos de Vento | Porto Alegre | RS

Phone: +55 51 3333.9411